What is Europe through YOUR eyes?


Europe to me is….

More job opportunities and less unemployment ….

Albania in Europe? on the billboard is written “Albania offers job opportunity” and close to it an unemployed man which has found its own way to earn money,

Religious freedom of expression …

The photo was taken at the Polytechnic University of Tirana. Ironically, Mother Teresa stands stewardly, while Muslim believers and other religions are forbidden to carry cover in public institutions.

Children safety …

This little girl bagging for money, she refused the food i offered because she has a tutor who pretend money at the end of the day

Refugees right …

Syrian refugees wander the streets of Europe as it is the right of every individual struggling to secure all the fundamental rights of the individual.

Multiculturalism …

Europe is a multicultural society …
Nada Dosti

Nada Dosti

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Nada Dosti