I was testimony of Gezi Parki events and a wave of events in my city of residence: everyday’s protests against the Government. We have experienced long and scary afternoons closed at home when in each explosion we thought our heart would stop biting. I was testimony of mornings aftermath hurted by the feeling of seeing my Ankara destroyed from the dissentients. I once was almost loosing my baby from anxiety and lack of breathing, I didn’t know there was going to be a protest in the city center. I found my self surrounded by people escaping from tears gas. Than a number of unexpected events follows one another like the stones of a necklace which is going to be cutted. Numbers of believers, students, foreigners, especially those who were supported financially by this government or were supporting it were being persecuted, so did I. I found myself imprisoned with my little baby boy among other “criminals” were the definition of crime seems to be studying in this country and trying to contribute for ours. “This government’s future ambassadors” – THEY said, “they should be frightened before they come back to their country” – THEY added. It later was founded that THEY were the enemies of this country. They were preparing the sage of “July 15”. But i didn’t blame you, my Turkey, instead of that i stand by you.
I have no words to describe the breathtaking moment I watched the news of what was going on in Turkey. At that time i was on my holidays in my country. For a moment i thought is over, THEY succeeded. My family and friends were bagging me not to go back anymore. To quit everything and never step in that country anymore. But i wasn’t afraid to be back rather than not to finish my mission anymore.
So here I’m: on the last steps in fulfilling my mission. I didn’t betray my Turkey, although I’ll miss you so much I had to say goodbye. I wanna show you that you wasn’t wrong about choosing me. It’s time to contribute for my country and I want to make you proud of me by doing so.
I will miss the days we had a turkish brunch in a turkish family, delicious tea at uyghur sofrasi, some candy from Syrian sweet-shop sushi and sashimi from the chinese restaurant. A rainbow a rainbow of multiculturalism, of different tastes and experiences within a trip all around the world in only one day.
Because of you I have learned how to live in a foreign country; how to switch on from a language to another within a moment; how to appreciate different cultures and different tastes; how to grow up embarrassing opportunities given to me day after day; how to ask help and how to accept support. Now it’s time to pay you back.
Hoşça kal!


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