February 1st, 2019

On the way to Kumanovo…

We go straight to the city center, enthusiastic about this activity..

People start gathering…

Serbs.. Macedonians.. Albanians…actually more Macedonians rather than Albanians… 

Stands were held on the square where girls and women with hijab stood by, smiling to the passing citizens to whom they donated roses, sweets, and those who wanted a chance to try a hijab they had the chance to win it as a gift.

But books …nowhere…!

I check at the fashion design corner, the henna decoration corner, the first aid training corner … i search everywhere for books…”Nauk! Hiç! (Nothing! None!)”

First aid cases are performed, a lecture is held, a song is sung, a design competition is organized…. “Heu bre!(Oh my ..!)” I’m still waiting for them to give us a book at the end: nothing!

“Dhurohen shamia dhe jo libra (They are donating hijabs but not books)”, said a web portal!

If blood is donated on the International Day of Blood Donation or Thalassemia Day, during International Reading Day are donated books, during Orphans’ day are donated toys and assistance, Flowers are donated during Woman’s day, why on earth made you think that during  Hijab Day books should be donated? 

Have you ever seen that on the day of thalassemia, as well as for other international days of solidarity and commemoration of a phenomenon, instead of blood or what else, books must be donated?

And you Muslims activists, for God’sake could you please donate some books? Don’t let people talk about you! Make them happy!

Now that we have solved the matter of the books, it is up to us to find the link between the hijab and the Turkification!


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