Meet this young lady who has decided to fight Islamophobia with her talent



Tekua bin Muhammad is a girl who is using her talent in drawing to convey strong messages against Islamophobia in Europe. This talent has also becoming well-known in the field of graphic journalism as well as different NGO’s or projects of local government in the main cities of Italy, even abroad with art exhibits across Europe.

Tekua is a graphic journalist who expresses her ideas through drawing a different life situation of a Muslim woman with a headscarf with cartoons. Through them, she wants to express strong messages of tragic, comic, or simply significant, daily lives of a Muslim woman with a scarf or a bearded Muslim boy. Through cartoons she expresses with her pencil what can not be easily expressed in words. Drawings of different situations that are left out of the question and cause you to fall into thoughts because of the power of the message they convey.

With her talent she has created “Intercultural Cartoon” at the age of 14 as a volunteer activist in many cultural and humanitarian organizations. Through her talent she tries to express realistic stories of discrimination, expresses the great value of respect for individual freedom and the harsh practice in real life of this value when it comes to a muslim man with a handkerchief.

The art of graphic journalism is used by her to combat the stereotypes that media creates on the collective mind through Islamophobia. She also draws real and paradoxical stories of the stereotypes, prejudices, ridicule, scorns or discrimination she has experienced but at the same time are also experienced by most of Muslims. These touching stories reach the audience with the language of the drawing in a delicate and intimidating way.

With her talent she has managed to recover enough success in terms of sensitizing to racial and religious discrimination in Italy. In addition to the endless price and ratings it has received in Italy, in 2015, Tekua participated as a speaker at TEDx and today she is ranked as the 12 women to be monitored for the 2017 successes listed among Marie LePen and Ivanka Trump from the magazine “Modern Woman”.

It is, for me, a clear example of success achieved by pursuing heart and talent. We all have to stop and see what our most prominent skills are, what is the professional field that we can give our wholehearted contribution, full of will and desire to serve in our society and to succeed. It is difficult to serve spiritually in a profession that you are not inclined to, but you have chosen it for the economic benefit or for the prestige that that position gives you. Find out your real talent and work for it, much more because who works hard should be convinced that he will succeed, and who works hard with his talent, be fully convinced and sure that he will succeed and will be blessed with all the happiness from His hands.

It’s not fortunate who has a job but who works.

Vajada Keçi Manjani

Autorja prej vitesh jeton në Itali. Është diplomuar në Universitetin e Brescias për Ekonomi dhe Biznes dhe ka një master në "International Commerce" pranë Universitetit të Padovas.
Vajada Keçi Manjani


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