Motivational speaker, inspiring and author of her first book: you still don’t know Lejla Tutic?


Lejla Tutic (Kokanovic) from Livno is the new image of the inspirational and motivational muslim women in Bosnia and she is became extremely popular on the Internet. She is very active on social media, writing articles, but she is well known especially because of her

recording motivational lectures sprinkled with religious messages on her YouTube Channel.

She has completed the Faculty of Islamic Studies and also a NLP (neuro linguistic programming) practitioner training and attended different kinds of life and self development seminars. The last seminar she has attended was from Smiljan Mori one of the world renowned life and motivational speakers.

She is the author of the book “Život sa svrhom/ A Life with Purpose” is a valuable work that is trying to bring people closer to the Qur’anic instructions regarding life, important life issues and the search for happiness. In this book the author deals with LIFE COACHING and she is also giving practical advice, recommendations and shares personal experiences that can be useful to readers in their own private or professional transformation.

We met in Ankara in the Annual Meeting of the Balkan Students where she shook the scene by her high and determined tone and motivational speech/

You don’t know Leyla Tutic yet? Listen to her inspiring story …

After graduating from the Faculty of Islamic Sciences in Sarajevo, I got married but because of my husband was studying abroad we moved to Yemen and we spent two and a half years there, where I volunteered as a  Math, Science and English teacher of the 2nd grade

Upon returning to BiH, I worked as a teacher of Islamic religious education in Jajce. During that year I worked in cooperation with my wonderful colleagues at the Secondary Technical School, we organized an event called Stop Nationalism, with which we succeeded in awakening children’s awareness of community and establishing a system for better understanding of each other. After that, I decided to dedicate myself completely to leadership and life coaching. I started recording a video almost a year ago. I decided to start with this kind of project, because after eight years of intensive work on myself, attending seminars about methods and tools I learned from today’s world motivators and life coaches like Tony Robbins, Lisa Nichols, Robin Sharma and others, I realized that is now time to share it with others. My wish is that others will take advantage of this knowledge, because everything I say in my videos, and even in my book “A Life with Purpose”, is covered with Islamic knowledge.”

Lejla, how and what do you choose to talk about in your videos?

The choice about the topics for my videos is related to those who follow me. I usually get questions on my inbox or sometimes the topic is inspired by a certain phenomenon in society that I notice and I feel the need to talk about it in terms of giving some kind of guidance in dealing with a certain challenge that can come to our life as a consequence of that phenomenon. Our Muslim community, but not only, are more interested on those topics that deal with ways to establish this spiritual balance within oneself. Mostly, I’m particularly concerned about women with a feeling of depression or anxiety or teenagers prone to thoughts and feelings of fear and insecurity from certain challenges they face, etc.”

“However, to speak of a positive transformation and to go through a positive transformation is quite different. I am someone who deeply believes that if you want to see a change in the world around you then you must first have to work for that change. Work on yourself and positive transformation means first of all that you are primarily working on yourself and going alone through positive transformation, and only then you are ready to consult others. Because you can only offer the world what you are. The world needs your authenticity, your strength and your talent, and in order to be able to offer it you must first be it. I learned a lesson that says ”it can not come out of us other than what is in us.”

Nowadays people often suffer from various types of depression, stress, and other psychic problems whose source can be sought precisely in the crisis of spirituality and understanding of oneself and everything around them.”

Was there anyone who has inspired you during this process and also someone, among other sisters, who pushed and supported you ?

“I think as Muslim women, no matter if you are Albanian; Bosnian; Serbian; Croatian etc, we should all know that the Almighty gave us all so much potential, talent, resources and force so we can be, achieve and have whatever we want. There are fantastic, and inspiring Muslim women around the world and we should learn how to support each other. Women play essential roles in the formation of every society and Allah gave us from his mercy that throughout our life we play different roles as daughter, wife, mother, friend and sister. At the same time Allah gave us all of these roles to educate us by showing that a Muslim women is strong, progressive and inspiring. We as Muslim women are far from being the passive or oppressed in any kind of way.

We, as Muslim women should know that in Islam we have the freedom to own our personality and to choose who we are but we need to rise our standards and realize that we have a voice that can and should be heard.

So many brave Muslim women have influenced my life and my work. First of them is my mother Nerminka. She taught me in the most intense period of my life during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina how life no matter what can be beautiful. One of my Muslim sisters that has gave me a huge support from the beginning is my best friend Hasena Kavazović. She was there from the very beginning with all of her sister love and support. In the moment when my book “Život sa svrhom/A Life with Purpose” came out the first sister that has gave me a huge support was Adisa Tufo. She is the CEO and author of one of the successful books on entrepreneurship (Vruć krompir). Our renowned positive psychologist Aida Tule gave me her huge support and of course, recently, also our beloved Zehra Adilović. There are so many more brilliant Muslim women who gave me their support and pushed me on my way to success that unfortunately I can’t mention them all.”

Tell us more about your book, when was it published? Do you think about translating it in other languages? And how come to your mind the idea of writing about motivational and self improvement topics?

“My first book Život was published in 2017. This book is focusing on the meaning of life. Why are we here on this world? What is our purpose in this life? There is a really inspirational proverb: ”The two greatest days of your life are the day you were born, and the day you find out why.” I really believe that when you know your purpose in life, when you know your why, everything can change for you.  Eight years ago i remember I was in my room, I was a student on Faculty of Islamic Studies in Sarajevo and there was a moment when i have found myself standing and I was feeling really unhappy and dissatisfied with myself and my life. And usually when I feel that down I usually read Qur’an. And so did I. And I opened at surah Raad (verse 11) where Allah says: “Verily, Allah will not change the condition of people as long as they do not change their state themselves”I have read this verse so many times before, but that time was something different. In that moment I finally understood this verse. I came to realise that if I want to see the change in my life, I need to be that change that i want to see. I need to do something, change something in order to see the results of that movement inside of me.  So from that moment on I started to explore, learn and educate myself on how can I make that positive change and be more happier. As I was learning and apply all of that knowledge on me and my life I realised that it is really effective and useful for myself and I wanted to share all of that with everyone else, so I have wrote my book with the intent to leave my mark and help anyone I can.

I would love to translate my book in English, German, Turkish and also Albanian because I think in that way I can spread my thoughts and share them with more people with my written word and help them to achieve and live a more productively and happier way of life and acquire success in the Hereafter inshallah.”

And… your concern about women of our community?

“In the Bosnian language there are very few books written by sisters. One of the overwhelming needs of our time is precisely a more significant engagement of Muslim women who will work for the well-being of themselves, but also of our community and society.”



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